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Contributing articles to Best San Diego Resorts is a great opportunity to share your experience with other visitors. We’re seeking contributors who have realworld experience and the ability to write compelling articles relating to the content of this website. Our goal is publishing thought-provoking, well-written articles by authors who are passionate about their knowledge and skills, and enjoy educating our specific target audience. We’re particularly interested in articles that combine substance with light-hearted entertainment.

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Please read our Terms and Conditions before submitting an article. Articles must be well-written and provide informative value relating to the subjects of this website. Articles must be original and may only be submitted by the copyright holder. Preferred length is 700 – 1200 words. Longer articles can be structured into sub-topics. The author retains ownership but grants this website non-exclusive publishing rights. Not all articles submitted will be published. We will not accept anonymous submissions. If you agree with our guidelines and terms and conditions, please submit your articles using the following online form.


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